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Choosing A Golf School Thats Best For You

The truth is that when it comes to choosing education, there are a lot of options available, and each one claims to be the best, which can make it hard to decide, especially if you have never attended one before. This article will focus on tips to help you make this important choice.

The faculty is an important factor to consider, since they are the ones that ultimately shape your experience. Many top instructors have achieved their own personal brand recognition, and taking the time to educate yourself about the different faculty members, including their PGA or LPGA membership status and career bios will go a long way towards helping you decide if a particular school is right for you. Another thing to think about is whether or not you would prefer to have private or group instruction, and how well the education that you are considering can accommodate your preferences.

The campus itself should play a major part in your decision, particularly the facilities and any extracurricular activities offered. A truly stellar institution will incorporate lodging in its course packages as well. Whether you prefer a secluded mountain retreat style atmosphere or somewhere near a city with an active nightlife, you can find an academy that meets your needs with a little research and planning. Your personal learning style and method should be taken into account when making a decision as well, since some schools are more geared towards high tech or high touch, or other types of learning styles, while others are equipped to handle all learning styles or combinations thereof.

When your instruction is complete, what will your next step be? You have probably heard that instruction today is focused on specialization, which is why it is important to talk with a representative of the different academies that you are considering to learn more about their philosophy and also, communicate your specific needs and areas of game specialization, i.e. driving, short game, iron play, etc. before you sign up. Daily practice is also a factor to consider, since you will naturally want to practice between instruction sessions. Find out if the instruction you are considering includes the price of daily rounds in its instruction packages, or whether you will be charged extra for this.

Choosing the right instruction does not have to be difficult and it should not. Do your homework, weigh your options, and you will be well on your way to a fulfilling and productive instructional experience.


How To Find The Best Golf Gifts For The Women Golfers In Your Life

When you wonder about golf gifts for women, you may be thinking what kind of things just a women golfer might need that she doesn't already have. It may be a surprise to some, but the best golf gifts that you can give are the ones they can use on the course. There are many golf gifts for women that are made just for women, to be used on the course.

Some of the most useful types of gifts for women to use on the course could be as simple as tees, balls, golfing gloves and other small items that are useful that you can stuff into a smaller bag. You can look at these types of gifts as a golf basket instead of a gift basket. Items like these placed in a small bag are items that a women can use on the course so she doesn't have to worry about looking for them when she needs them.

Although the most of women want to wear visors and caps, almost every woman wears a cap at some time on the course. Which makes a cap a good idea for a golf gift? The best type of cap to get is one with a soft bill, so that it can better fit women around the face area and so she can keep the sun out of her face while she is playing.

Also another great golf gift for women is a feminine time watch. As you may have already known if you are a golfer yourself, is that women don't wear watches on the course because it can tend to throw off their swing while playing, which is why time pieces make very good gifts for women on the course.

More great golf gifts for women can be light clothing so they can be less sweaty on the course and can swing better. There are many custom cut and light clothing products just for women to wear on the course. There are even matching pairs of clothing for men and women which would make a great gift for a couple who loves to golf.

Like the sport of golf, there is a wide market for golf gifts for women. All these gifts are wide in variety and all can be a gift for a women golfer. Even if you may think she already has it get something like it and make sure she can use it on the course. Remember all gifts that she can use on the course are the best golf gifts of all. If you don't try then you don't succeed so just try and make it special for her when you try and buy something that will help here. Anything that will help her on the course she will most greatly appreciate.


How to Properly Maintain Your Golf Cart

Summer is here and that means many men and women will be spending more time out on the links exploring new as well as familiar courses and improving their game along the way. Just as golfers get a workout each day of play, so does their golf cart. Golf carts work hard for us. They do, however, need some basic care to ensure they will last for several golfing seasons.

Golf cart maintenance is made simple when simple things are checked and cleaned often and regularly. By setting a schedule for check-ups and doing some basic clean-up and study of your small engine vehicle, your golf cart will last for several golf seasons.

Create A Maintenance Schedule

Keeping your golf cart in good working order can be accomplished by giving some of its basic functions a simple weekly check-up. If you golf every day, you may want to consider checking items more frequently. The objective of setting a maintenance schedule is to help you remember to give the cart time and attention on a regular basis.

Below are some basic items that should be checked during a regular weekly maintenance schedule.

Clean The Battery

Dirt can have an impact the usability of a golf cart. Dirt, dust and grass do not hurt but they can interfere with the battery connections leaving the cart under-powered. Spilled battery acid has the same affect. Cleaning the top and sides of the battery along with the cart itself is important to the long-term life of the cart as well as its day to day performance.

Water Levels

It is important that you check the electrolyte water levels in each cell of the batteries because the leaded plates in the battery must be submerged in order for it to work properly. Check the water levels weekly and refill them as needed using distilled water. The owner's manual will indicate how full the cells should be for your golf cart model. Take the appropriate safety precautions when doing this by wearing gloves and goggles.

Connection Check

Again, a golf cart runs on the power of several batteries that work together through connecting cables. These cables should be checked weekly for corrosion or debris. The connections and the battery caps should also be tightened if needed. Damaged connectors can be change by yourself or you can take it in for professional repair. Keeping these connections in quality condition is vital to keeping a golf cart running smoothly and at its top performance potential.

Beyond Weekly Maintenance

Golf cart owners should also plan a major check-up every three months. The golf cart's break system, suspension, engine and tires can be thoroughly looked at, cleaned and fixed as needed during these visits. Conducting these thorough checks a few times a year and before a cart is put away for the winter will help catch any major functionality problems early to better save you time and money.

Golf carts work hard for us every year. They also make the sport of golf a little more fun. Take some time to help ensure that you golf cart lasts as long as you need them.

~Ben Anton, 2008


Golfing Tips To Help Those Just Beginning The Game Of Golf

Learning how to play the game of golf can be harder then you may actually think. Instead of playing the new Nintendo Wii why don't you try and actually play it in real life. It is harder then you think when you are standing there trying to swing and actually hit the ball for a distance. When you are playing the game of golf you need to be flexible and in shape or you is not going to do well playing the sport. So when you decide to stop playing the Wii and get off the video games you just go buy yourself a pair of golf shoes and a set of clubs and start trying to play. Unless you have already played you are not going to be able to play because you have to know how to swing properly and actually be flexible enough to where you can step up swing real quick and then let someone else swing and keep playing. You have to know how to play the sport before you can actually start to play the game of golf. Like I said it is harder then you may think when you are playing on a video game.

The biggest problems that people have when first starting to play the game of golf, is that they look up when they are trying to swing and hit the ball. Most people will do this because they are not used to holding a club and then looking then swinging and hitting a ball and expecting it to go a couple of hundred yards. You cannot expect this from a beginner you have to teach them to not look down when they swing and play the game of golf because then they will always have to look down when they swing and that is not a good habit when you are starting out as a beginner playing the game of golf. You will want to keep your head up and your stance firm so that when you swing you actually connect with the ball and you hit it and it goes far.

The other common problem that beginners tend to have trouble with is putting. To some it may come with ease but with others it is very hard because they are trying to hit it so very easy and trying to make it go for a long distance. Some get really frustrated and quit playing because of this little part in golf but if you can master putting then you can play the game of golf. If you are having trouble with putting then you should watch pros on TV when they are putting watch how they perfect their putts and watch how they made their putts. You will be amazed at how far some of the putts can be and how up hill and sideways some of the shots they take are. The game of golf can get intense and can be hard at some times.


How To Find The Right Golf Swing For You

If you are going to be golfing then you need to find your tempo in with your swing so you will be able to just step up to your ball and make your swing. Once you have found your tempo then you can start really having fun and hitting the ball. Every golfer at some stage in their golf life has had this problem and it only takes a minute to catch on and get your swing down. All you do is just take your time in a swing and just find your tempo then you make your swing it should be the one you though of in your head before the swing. The reason that someone will be doing good at all holes and then the last hole they lose it is because of their tempo they lost concentration and just said oh its just the last hole ill just swing they need to get their tempo down on every swing before they go just swinging. You just need to take the time to get your stance and get ready for the swing.

Having a good tempo in golf is the key to winning a game you just keep your concentration down which is your tempo and you are good the whole game. The last hole and you are winning the reason you will loose your tempo is because you tighten up and loose all your concentration. By loosing your tempo you are not loosing the swing you are just loosing your concentration on the swing therefore its going to be a different out come then all the other swings that you have made.

All you need to know about what tempo is that it means how long it takes for someone to go all the way through with their swing. Having a good tempo when you golf is being able to swing the club without any effort and be able to put the ball where you want it. If you want a good swing tempo then you need to go to the driving range and start hitting the ball more. After you have hit about 50 balls you should about have your tempo down to a level that you can get the ball out on the range nice and easy without too much of a hassle. Then you should go play golf and see how your tempo is on the green.

A good way to get on top of your swing is to take a club not a driver and just act like you are golfing just without the balls and Ts. Then you just start acting like you are going to make a swing and just keep doing that until you have your swing down and you can see it in your head. That is the best way to practice for getting a good tempo. You just either do that or go to a driving range and start practicing. Without practice there is no getting better, with practice you will be better in a matter of hours.


Why Comfortable Golf Shoes Essential To Playing A Good Golf Game?

As with most all other sports the right shoe that you wear affects the way you play the game. That is why you need the right shoe for the right sport that you are playing so that you don't hurt you feet or break any bones while playing. The sport that I am talking about happens to be golf and when you are golfing you know that the right shoe is everything. You do not want to over step or miss step when you are golfing so that is why it is important that you get golf shoes when you are going to be playing a game.

You need to think about how much that you really play the sport. If you only play a little bit then you are not going to need that good of a pair of golf shoes but on the other hand if you play the game of golf a good bit then you might want to consider getting a high dollar or good pair of golf shoes to golf with. The downside to not buying golf shoes is that you are not going to have the ability that you will when you wear golf shoes. You are not going to be able to stick to the green you are golfing from because you are going to be wearing some off the wall brand.

The main point that I am trying to get across here is that if you play the game of golf a good bit and you don't have a pair of golf shoes then you need to take the time and the money to go get yourself a pair of golfing shoes. The first time you put them on you will know why they are so important to the whole game of golf. They make your feet stick to the grass when you play so you don't lose your swing and you will not over step or under step anymore when you are trying to get that perfect swing down.

If you do not have pair of golf shoes you should make sure that you contact the golf course that you plan to play on because now days it is mandatory that you own or wear a pair of golf shoes so that you do not mess up their golf course. So if you do not have a good pair of golf shoes then you need to take the time to go get a pair before you play on the green.

If you want to take your time while you look for your pair of golf shoes that is fine but you need to buy a pair quick so that you can go play. Remember that some golf courses require you to own a pair of golfing shoes because they want to protect their golf course so that means if you do not already have a pair just bring a pair that you can find or buy before you go.


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